Dancers have a high pressure, intense and rigorous lifestyle.  It' s not only necessary for dancers to be technically excellent at their crafts, but it's vital that they have the mental tools to weather the storm in any situation.  Whether you are auditioning against hundreds of other dancers or you're asked by a choreagrapher to learn a new part on the spot , being mentally free of unwanted baggage allows you to execute your tasks easily and effortlessly.  Hypnosis can give you the tools to get out of your own way and reach your greatest potential.  

Maintaining the status and lifestyle of a model can be stressful; and if you have any performance anxiety it’s that much harder.  Hypnosis techniques can help you stay in the flow whether you’re on the catwalk, in front of the camera, or just trying to successfully manage your diet so you can reduce stress and anxiety, improve confidence, and take your modeling career to the next level.

Using sports hypnosis, can help athletes break through the mental and physical limitations that hold them back from realizing their full potential.  Hypnotism can enhance athletic performance in a range of different ways and is recommended for any type of athlete that wants to take it to the next level.  At Artist Life hypnosis each session is customized just for you, giving you a unique plan of action moving forward.

Entrepreneurs and business people have to perform at a high level every day.   Managing stress, staying focused and keeping a positive attitude is the name of the game.  At Artist Life Hypnosis, I give my clients both practical self-hypnosis techniques and deep trance changes, to help you move through your day, feeling relaxed, focused and confident.

Hypnosis can help musicians access and stay connected to the “flow state”;  that place where creativity and energy are in a heightened state of awareness and focus.  As a musician it’s crucial to immerse yourself in the music, yet also be aware of the audience and other musicians. Communicating music in this way, allows you to feel alive and present, sharing your passions and creativity.  Using hypnosis can deepen your awareness, the connection to yourself and the connection to those around you; enabling you to move past any mental obstacles that get in the way from you performing at your best.

Art is in everything you do and experience in life.   Hypnosis is the art of imagination, focused attention and connection to ones feelings and experiencesFor someone who devotes their life to exploring a creative art form, it’s important to have an expansive imagination and healthy self confidence.  When mental blocks and emotional triggers get in the way of creativity, hypnosis can help on an emotional, physical and intellectual level, by allowing one to change the patterns and negative habits that hold you back. 

Actors have so many things to navigate when on stage; the audience, their lines, emotions, staying present and remaining aware of the scenes to come.    Learning to quiet fears and access ones deeper connection is what sets good actors apart from great ones.  Using hypnosis to clear the mind, increase confidence and widen the spectrum of imagination can increase ones ability to focus and connect to the art form of telling a story.