After David invited me to his hypnosis sessions in New York City I came to address deep seated issues within myself, that I had to realize, forgive, move through, and let go of.  Hypnosis has helped me to remove guilt, blame, pity. It has made me realize that I have the capability to create myself anew.
— Sheree Morris

David is a total professional. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed in seconds. I didn’t want to go into too much detail about myself or my issues and that wasn’t necessary for hypnosis treatment. I left our session relaxed and elated.
— Zhenia G.

As a professional musician with performance anxiety I needed help and am glad I sought out David. He has given me hypnosis techniques that have been extremely valuable to me. I’m already seeing the positive effects from hypnotherapy and see the tools I received from David as long term investments in my wellbeing as a performer. I have already recommended David and Artists Life Hypnosis to several others and will continue to do so.
— need name