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  Hypnosis can teach you how to use the natural power of your mind to improve the quality of your life, stay in the flow, perform at your best, expand your creativity and work through the mental blocks that are holding you back. With hypnosis, you can overcome the limiting self beliefs that prevent you from living your best life.


Benefits of Hypnosis

     Imagine having a very special tool at your disposal; a tool that could help you to see your true destination in life more clearly and one that could help you traverse this journey feeling more grounded, secure and confident. Such a tool exists, and it’s hypnosis.

     As a certified hypnotherapist and founder of Inspired Living Hypnosis, David Ashkenazy provides his clients with the tools needed to create new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors and feelings that will help them live their best life.

     Hypnosis uses the power of the mind to take back control of the thoughts and beliefs that are getting in the way of well-being and success. This safe and effective process also allows clients to clear the obstacles that are preventing them from achieving their fullest potential. Whether you are preparing for a recital or a corporate-level speaking engagement; or you’d like to simply change old habits and limiting beliefs, sessions at Inspired Living Hypnosis will help you get results.




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