Do you ever find yourself:

  • Dreading work meetings
  • Getting clammy hands and shaky legs when making group presentations
  • Losing your words even though you know the information
  • Feeling jealous of others who can act and communicate like experts, even when they're not   

When you can master your public speaking skills, you’ll notice that life gets easier (and more fun). You’ll have more confidence, knowing you can express yourself in all situations whether you're in front of an audience, at a business meeting, hanging out with friends or on a hot date. You’ll feel more powerful and that will be expressed in your words and actions.  Being a better speaker is also the key to telling great stories and influencing those around you.  

Using Hypnosis To Re-channel Anxiety and Nervousness

Nervousness, anxiety and fear are just forms of energy.  These feelings serve to protect you and they are not inherently good or bad. They become problematic when they begin to interfere with your performing at your best.  Some of my clients want to completely get rid of their nervousness or anxiety, but the key is learning to work with these feelings to your advantage, rather than against them.  

It’s interesting to look at emotions as both simultaneously real and not real.  You can’t cut an emotion out of your body and observe it in a petri dish.  Yet when experiencing your emotions, they feel very real.  Hypnosis allows you to have more control over your emotions, so you can let go of the negative charges and redirect that energy in a more positive direction.  In some situations it may be appropriate to turn up a certain emotion, while turning down another.  Having these subconscious mind tools will give you more control and flexibility to stay present and engaged when speaking and interacting with others.    

I’ve been there... In addition to being a hypnotist, I’ve been a professional musician for most of my adult life.  I understand what it's like to be terrified before an important gig or audition.  I can remember my hands shaking so hard that I almost lost it in the middle of a performance.  I see it time and time again with top level performers.  It’s important to develop your artistry, but once you do that, it’s the mental game that will take you to the next level.   Most of life is a mental game and when you can master your thoughts and emotions, you can master anything you set your mind to accomplish.  

My clients include business executives, students, entrepreneurs, stand up comics, singers, classical/jazz instrumentalists and teachers.  Hear how they’ve taken back control and improved their lives: < Testimonials >  

If you're interested in learning more, check out this 10-minute Self-Hypnosis session to help you improve your public speaking skills.  

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