Take Back Control Of Your Mind

Most of us find that our mind is constantly racing from one thought to another.  We are stuck in guilt or regret about something that happened in the past; or anxiety about things that we anticipate might happen in the future.  We are overtaken by worry, in a constant state of panic, trying to catch up with yesterday’s work and even though we may be keeping up with life’s demands, we still feel like we’re not doing enough.   

We all have thoughts.  Even the most experienced mediation practitioners and spiritual gurus have thoughts.  Just as our lungs help us breathe, our minds are meant to help us think.  Unfortunately many of us become controlled by our thoughts and live most of our lives thinking about the past or the future.  We hear voices in our head telling us we aren’t good enough, don’t have enough or we need to be more and do more.  Maybe these voices are our own inner critic, repeating things we learned from a parent, friend, family member or some kid from the school yard.  This chatter fills our minds with so much noise that it’s almost impossible to clearly see what’s right in front of us.   

Our minds are extremely powerful and these inner voices create beliefs that sink deep into our subconscious mind. This is the control center that decides what we do, how we think and how we feel; long before we are even aware.  The subconscious mind might believe this inner critic is helping to protect us, yet these inner voices limit our confidence and beliefs about what is possible. 

I was an overweight kid….yes, a fat kid.   Eventually I lost the weight, but for many years after, I still had that voice inside my head telling me I was fat.  I continued to struggle with my body image and developed unhealthy habits.  The addiction to sugar and processed foods tricked me into feeling good, but these foods drained me of energy and kept me from thinking clearly and feeling emotionally balanced.  I believed this was how I was and didn’t even consider that change was possible.  For me, the first step was loving myself for who I was, fat or not fat; "good" or "bad"...all of me.  From there, changing was simply a matter of choice and no longer something I needed to do to feel good about myself.  

As a hypnotist, I see many clients come into my office struggling with anxiety, stress, relationship problems, phobias, body issues, eating disorders and addiction to bad habits (smoking, drinking, etc..).  All of my clients have unique stories and experiences, yet what most people have in common is the inner belief and feeling that they are not enough.  When you can tap into your true nature, that deep well within you that connects you to your purpose, passions and love,  you will KNOW that you are enough, and you deserve love and respect from others and especially from yourself.   

We are all so much more capable than we currently believe.  Changing how we think can quickly and drastically improve our lives.  The first step is learning how to clear out the mental chatter and cultivate a mind that is focused and aware. Just as our body needs exercise to stay healthy, so does our mind.. Setting aside some time each day to meditate is a way to build this muscle.  The next step is learning how to tap in to our subconscious mind to create positive habits that will feel effortless and stick.  Hypnosis is the practical tool to accomplish this.  

Living your best life begins with the belief that it is possible.  We can all cultivate a positive mindset and create happiness in our lives if we choose.  It may feel uncomfortable at first, but we can start by taking small steps and trust the process along the way. 

What is your biggest challenge that you’d like to overcome right now?