Setting Yourself Up For Success

We are living in an information age.  There are literally thousands of articles with “how to” guides, “steps” to health and happiness, and marketers telling us about the secrets we need to know in order to be successful.  We are constantly bombarded with more and more information at our finger tips and this can be overwhelming and actually leave us frozen from taking action toward our goals.

Where do we start and how do we fit it all in to our already hectic life?  

When I find myself getting overwhelmed with everything I need to get done, this process helps me slow down to get more clear, focused and grounded.  

First I Create a list (on paper) of the most important things I want to accomplish for the day.  This can be done the night before or first thing in the morning.  I prioritize the activities and commit to working on the top 3 items on your list first.  Sometimes I find myself working on the easy stuff first, but the most effective way is to choose the top 3 tasks that are the hardest or the ones you don’t want to do.  

Then I Break down each activity into small steps that are easily attainable.  I set a timer for 15-20 minutes and focus my attention on just one action.  At the end of the timed session, I take a deep breath and tell myself something that feels empowering. I like to use “I got this, it’s just what I do”.  Others you can use are “I’m killin it”,  “I’m unstoppable”, or one of my favorites from Navy Seal Mark Divine: “Feeling good, Looking good, I ought to be in Hollywood.” Choose something that sounds and feels right to you. 

Taking small action steps can not only help you get to your destination, but also reinforces your beliefs and attitudes that your goals are possible.  Research also confirms that when we take action from a positive mental frame, we learn faster and more efficiently.  

Say, for instance, you have to study for an exam and place all your books on the desk.  Every morning when you get up you’ll look at the books and feel overwhelmed, thinking about all the pages you have yet to read and the time it will take for you to get through it all.  Because of this, you are most certain to land into the trap of procrastination.

Instead, put just one book out on your desk and turn to the specific page you need to read and commit to reading that page first thing in the morning.   Even if you only read one page, you are training your subconscious mind that getting the work done is achievable.  As you do this more consistently with the activities on your “to-do” list, you’ll feel good about this process and you’ll be reinforcing the habit, making it easier to do each day.

In Hypnosis we call this anchoring.  We experience the world in different ways -- auditory, visually and kinesthetically, so learning to anchor habits into your subconscious mind can take more than action alone. In my little ritual above, we are using all 3 of these anchors.  Creating a list helps us visualize the thing we want to accomplish and then we further visualize ourselves accomplishing the tasks.  When we feed ourselves our powerful mantra, we are giving ourselves the auditory anchor.  To seal the deal, when we tap into how good it feels to finish the action, we are firing off our kinesthetic anchor.  

Learning these simple self hypnosis skills can help you break free from the mind numbing influences that keep you stuck while giving you access to unlimited the power of your own mind.

To your freedom and success,