What's Your Motivation To Stop Smoking?

My most successful clients are the ones who are committed to making change. When we access that deeper, subconscious part of our minds, we’re able to make drastic changes fast.

So, here are some questions for you …

Why do you want to do this? Why is it important? How will it make your life better?

Maybe your doctor or a loved one told you to quit. Perhaps you’d like to save thousands of dollars every year?

These are all great reasons to stop smoking, but the one thing that will produce the most significant and lasting results is when you can honestly say to yourself,

"I’m ready to quit now. I’m committed to quitting and I no longer want cigarettes in my life.”

Once you’ve done that …

The next thing you can do is find a great hypnotist and, fortunately for you, you already found one. :)

If you think hypnosis is about someone controlling your mind and then tapping you on the forehead and forcing you to do something, you’re wrong. I tell people all the time that hypnosis is not magic. However, the interesting thing is that when you have the right motivation, It can certainly feel like magic.