Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.

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Emotions can be deceiving.

Just because something is scary or uncomfortable doesn’t mean it's bad for us.  Becoming aware of our emotions and interpreting what they are trying to tell us is a crucial life skill.  Often times we say no to new experiences and opportunities because we think about it and it feels uncomfortable. Doing something new brings about uncertainty and  therefore discomfort, but it doesn’t mean we should back down from the challenge. It’s interesting and comical, but most people would rather repeat the same thing over and over and fail, then to try something new.

The definition of this, according to Albert Einstein, is INSANITY.

 Next time you experience this, ask yourself:

  • What is this emotion trying to tell me?

  • Is this situation uncomfortable because it’s dangerous or is it just scary?

If it’s dangerous, then our fear is giving us a helpful warning sign to get out of the situation ASAP.  If it’s scary, well then it might indeed be good for us, to push us pass our limitations, allowing us to experience something new that might lead to either growth or getting what we want.

I encourage you to do something that makes you uncomfortable everyday.  Maybe it’s having a difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding or asking for something that you really want and are afraid you won’t get.  Practice becoming more self-aware and catching yourself before you turn down opportunities to grow.

The more we do this, the stronger, clearer and more confident we will become.    

This is a never-ending process, so have fun with it.  Instead of thinking about something as scary or uncomfortable, reframe your fear as excitement. Be curious as to what you will learn, how you will grow, and what a badass you will become when you find that next puzzle piece in this journey of life.