"This has been such a transformational experience and has helped me in ways therapy never could. David is great and so patient.  He really understands how to make you feel safe and guided through everything. I recommend him to all my friends and am so grateful for what he has done for me." 

Kavya P.  Marketing Executive,


"Wow! I had never been to a hypnotist before meeting with David, but I found the experience very powerful and more intense than I had expected. It really felt like we were able to touch a deep inner state and release some of the blocks and unhelpful thinking that has held me back. Thank you David!" "

Jennifer S,  Sales Consultant
"David made me feel comfortable and really worked with me on my level to create a scenario that gave me control over my outcomes. I feel better after just one session and intend to go back again! He's fantastic."
Meghan C,  Chef
"I had stage fright. I went to David cause I was desperate to stop panicking during my stand up conedy gigs. We had a nice chill session in a cute midtown office. Knock me over and call me doughnut, I was not as terrified when I got on stage that night. Cool, huh? I've been back 2x since. Now I get on stage about 3x a week without losing it. Now if he just make me funnier... "
Kat V,  Comedian
"Dave is a great practitioner and I highly recommend him to you. I saw him for a couple of sessions seeking more confidence in myself and my relationships with women. During the sessions, I really felt cared for and held. For me, going into a relaxed hypnotic state can be scary. In those key moments, I knew I could really trust Dave. The sessions were powerful emotional and visual experiences. And I left with a sense of clarity and well-being. And I found myself expressing more freely afterwards. "
Harish T,  Computer programer  
"After 40 years of smoking and failed attempts to quit, I am finally free of cigarettes. I'm comfortable and for the first time ever it was easy! I don't even miss them a little.                   It's a miracle!"
Terri S,  Office Manager
"David is a skilled hypnosis-practitioner. He understands the power of mind-body connection and incorporated it into his work with me. He gave me two powerful insights: (1) experiencing my sensations in terms of color, which resonated strongly with me; and (2) getting in touch with my "missing experience" from the Hakomi modality. Thanks David!"
Eva L,  Marketing Researcher
"At first I was nervous but David made it a very comfortable experience and I noticed results. When I move back to New York I will become a regular costumer "
Taylor R,  Sales